Notice to  Employees

The new Caring for Caregivers site (PSAP, LPHP, and EAP) is now located on the Cleveland Clinic Intranet. You must be on the Cleveland Clinic network or signed-in remotely via 4-Corners to access the new site.

Link here to transfer to the new Caring for Caregivers Intranet site or via the button below...

Caring for Cargivers is an Intranet only site and is not availible outside the Cleveland Clinic network. 

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Staff and Employee Assistance Programs


Stress Management Techniques

On The Job


  • Maintain realistic expectations.
  • Keep work schedule organized, but flexible.
  • Avoid over-commitments.
  • Know your peak work periods.
  • Take sufficient breaks.
  • Keep "on-the-job" and "off-the-job" roles separate.
  • Put variety into schedule.
  • Seek help, as necessary.
  • Acknowledge achievements.
  • Compliments yourself on a job well done.

Off The Job


  • Take care of yourself physically.
  • Keep a schedule.
  • Face one problem at a time.
  • Maintain friend and family supports.
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Talk feelings out.
  • Pursue hobbies and interests.
  • Take risks.
  • Laugh.
  • Set goals.