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The new Caring for Caregivers site (PSAP, LPHP, and EAP) is now located on the Cleveland Clinic Intranet. You must be on the Cleveland Clinic network or signed-in remotely via 4-Corners to access the new site.

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Caring for Cargivers is an Intranet only site and is not availible outside the Cleveland Clinic network. 

About Us


The Cleveland Clinic Staff and Employee Assistance Programs is a department of the Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic Health System.


Our Programs provide confidential assessment, short term counseling, and assistance to employees and dependent family members.   Although we can help you through a crisis, it is primarily designed to help you manage the life changes we all experience in areas such as personal, family, or marital relationships, birth of a child, parenting, relocation, bereavement, alcohol or drug assessment, and emotional or psychological adjustment.  Educational programs and materials are offered to all employees on a wide variety of topics affecting individuals and families. A 24-hour crisis phone line is available seven days a week. The employee and or their dependent receive confidential and professional services of Caring for Caregivers and are assisted in efficiently and effectively resolving problems that interfere with job performance and personal lives.


Supervisors and managers have support available on a wide variety of workplace issues. Services include:

  • Manager and employee workshops
  • Consultation to Leadership and supervisory training
  • Support during organizational change
  • Team building and managing workplace conflict
  • Manager Coaching









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Free, short-term counseling for eligible employees & dependents.

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Staff and Employee Assistance Programs