Notice to  Employees

The new Caring for Caregivers site (PSAP, LPHP, and EAP) is now located on the Cleveland Clinic Intranet. You must be on the Cleveland Clinic network or signed-in remotely via 4-Corners to access the new site.

Link here to transfer to the new Caring for Caregivers Intranet site or via the button below...

Caring for Cargivers is an Intranet only site and is not availible outside the Cleveland Clinic network. 

Our Staff



Susan J. Rehm, M.D Executive Director, Physician Health

Kirste Carlson, DNP,PMHCNS-BC Clinical Nurse Specialist

Nichole Capitanio, LISW-S, LICDC, CEAP,   DIr. Caring for Caregivers

Kevin Peterca, LISW-S, LICDC-CS, CEAP EAP Director

Kristin Filipowicz, PCC, LICDC      Professionals Health Coordinator

Jeff Kolson, LISW-S Professionals Health Coordinator

Marie Calabrese, PC, RN EAP Counselor

Robyn Brilla Coordinator II  

Tom Cooper, LISW-S, BCD EAP Counselor

Colleen O'Linn, PCC EAP Counselor

Kristin Hykes, PCC-S, IMFT      

Jennifer M. Johnson, LISW-S Prevention/EAP Counselor 216-445-4108

Susan Heady, LISW EAP Counselor

Shannon Krall, PCC-S, CEAP EAP Program Manager

Nanci Melster Admin. Secretary

Laura Longbrake, LISW-S EAP Program Manager

Sherry Wexler, LISW-S EAP Program Manager



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